Official Rock colouring books

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Rock N' Roll Colouring presents, for the first time, officially endorsed colouring books from several of rock's greatest bands — IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, MEGADETH, THIN LIZZY and ALICE COOPER

Featuring iconic artwork from classic albums and other instantly recognizable images, all printed on high quality paper, in a square format, fully endorsed and officially licenced, these killer designs have the potential for hours of satisfying colouring in.

Each book contains painstakingly created renderings of each image, with beautifully detailed outlines ready for you to unleash your artistic skills using pens, pencils or paint. Let your imagination run wild and add your own interpretation of these classic images, or simply recreate them as closely as you can to the originals. Whatever you decide, the satisfaction of adding your personal touch to these classic designs is extremely rewarding.

Devised and created by two lifelong rock and heavy metal devotees and colouring book fans, Rock N' Roll Colouring was formed by fans, for fans. Every effort has gone into making sure these books do justice to the bands' legacies and giving fans another reason to enjoy some of the most beautiful and creative artwork from these bands. Not only does colouring have proven, significant mental health benefits, including mindfulness, relaxation and increased focus, but it can be enjoyed by any age group.


Featured by Metal Hammer, Blabbermouth, Planet Rock, Classic Rock and many more

Thin Lizzy book selected by The Independent as one of the best colouring books of 2021

"It’s a universally-accepted truth that music can play a big part when it comes to keeping a healthy and happy mind. But now, thanks to Rock N' Roll Colouring, music and mindfulness have finally become one with the latest in their series of rock and metal colouring books".

Metal Hammer

"The colouring books have been lovingly created by two lifelong rock and metal fans".

Planet Rock

"A new company, Rock N’ Roll Colouring, is producing colouring books dedicated to rock’s most iconic and visual bands".

Louder Sound

"A rich and detailed colouring-in exercise, The Official Thin Lizzy Colouring Book is officially-endorsed, and provides challenge and meditation in equal measure, from the Celtic branches of Johnny the Fox's sleeve, to the stark chaos of the Jailbreak album art"

The Irish Examiner

"The latest release from the Rock N' Roll Colouring series (along with a colouring book from Megadeth), this Thin Lizzy colouring book pays tribute to the band behing "The Boys Are Back In Town" and "Cowboy Song", with iconic album art and band logos. The illustrations appear on every other page, so there's room for keen artists to draw their own interpretations of their favourite albums (or to display and frame a favourite pic). The highlight is undoubtedly Thin Lizzy's Chinatown album cover, featuring an intricately drawn dragon that begs to be coloured in a rainbow of shades".

The Independent